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Sentek Probe Data Retrieval

Data from the continuous monitoring probes, EnviroSCAN and EasyAG, can be stored and accessed in a variety of ways, allowing for ultimate flexibility. Sentek provides a complete range of solutions, ranging from in-field logging and data retrieval to wireless probe to internet telemetry solutions. In addition, probes can be connected to a wide range of 3rd party logging and telemetry devices to offer other tailored solutions.

Sentek Solo
  • Sentek Solo is a cost effective, continuous soil moisture and salinity monitoring solution. The Sentek Solo system consists of a battery powered, logging EnviroSCAN or EasyAG probe connected to a Solo Head Unit. Data is accessed in-field via the robust SoloPORTER™ or a notebook computer, and displayed in Sentek's IrriMAX software. Probes utilise the same interface as Sentek Plus, allowing for simple upgrade to wireless, web compatible communications. Sentek Solo Head Unit
  • One Sentek Solo Head Unit required per probe
  • Sentek Solo Head Unit is connected to the probe via 3 metres of cable
  • Powered by 4 removable "off the shelf" AA batteries
  • Robust download port for in-field downloading

Download Options Data downloaded into Sentek's IrriMAX software via:

  • Sentek SoloPORTER or;
  • Download cable to notebook computer

Sentek SoloPORTER

  • Durable and light weight design
  • Download and battery power indicator lights
  • One device downloads data from many probes
  • Data storage on USB flash drive
  • Transfer data from USB flash drive direct to desktop computer

Sentek Plus

Sentek Plus is Sentek's wireless probe to internet solution. Sentek Plus utilises GPRS and 3G communication technology to send soil water data directly from the probe to the internet. Data is retrieved from the internet to be viewed in Sentek's IrriMAX software. Sentek Plus is available with both EasyAG and EnviroSCAN probes. Probes are configured with Sentek Plus RS232 interface with in-built logging capability Sentek Plus Data Transmission Unit (DTU) The Sentek Plus DTU is located in close proximity to the probe via 5 metres of cable. The Sentek Plus DTU comprises:

  • Communication Module (GPRS or 3G) with antenna
  • 12-volt battery, with solar charger
  • Front panel connectivity for local downloading (for ease of service and data access when telecommunication services unavailable)
  • Front panel Probe Power switch for ease of servicing



Sentek MULTI

Sentek MULTI is a comprehensive logging and data transmission system that combines site-specific temperature, rain or flow, soil moisture and salinity data in the one Sentek supported product.

Essential site information is collated and sent through the central Data Transmission Unit via GPRS or NextG transfer to the internet. The continuously updated information can be readily downloaded from anywhere with internet access for viewing in Sentek’s IrriMAX software. Such a wealth of valuable information about the soil, water, plant and atmosphere in the one system provides the end user with an extremely powerful decision making and management tool.

Multiple functionality:

  • Collation of site specific data
  • Flexibility in probe positioning
  • Data backup and security
  • Front panel uploading and testing
  • LEDs for fault diagnosis

Mulitple inputs:

  • 2 Sentek soil moisture/salinity probes
  • 2 pulse inputes (e.g. rain gauge or flow meter)
  • 2 temperature inputs

Multiple download options:

  • Wireless DTU to internet data transfer using
  • GPRS
  • 3G
  • Front panel download
  • Sentek RT6 Data Logger

The Sentek RT6 datalogger is Sentek's proprietary soil moisture data recording system, providing flexibility in both probe placement and data retrieval options. Features include:

  • Records data from up to 32 Soil Moisture sensors
  • One logger can read up to 8 EnviroSCAN or EasyAG probes
  • Flexible logging interval ranging from 1 minute to over 16 hours (999 minutes)
  • Large data storage capacity
  • Flexible power supply options: solar panel, 12 volt battery, mains power
  • EnviroSCAN or EasyAG probes are connected to logger by cable
  • Cable length up to 500 metres from logger to each probe

Options for Data Access:

  • Manual retrieval of logger and download at your PC
  • Infield download using your portable PC
  • Landline - hard wire to your PC
  • Mobile Phone (GSM, GPRS, CDMA)
  • Radio

3rd Party Integration

Sentek has an open integration platform, allowing EnviroSCAN and EasyAG probes be connected to a range of other technologies and data retrieval systems, including: - data loggers - radio telemetry products - weather stations - GPRS, 3G, CDMA and satellite communication modules - irrigation controllers Probes can be fitted with a choice of interfaces that operate at the most common industry standard communication protocols. Communication protocol options: - Modbus RS232 - Modbus RS485 - SDI-12 - Voltage