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Precision Data Processor: Precision Agriculture System

Precision Data Processor ("PDP") is the name used for the complete precision agriculture data processing module. This module can be plugged in to any PAM version.

PAM, together with the Mapping module and the Precision Data Processor module is the most complete and comprehensive Precision Farming .software in the world.

FarmStar is the name used for the standalone Farming Mapping system including the 'Live' mapping features of gpMapper together with the PDP module. FarmStar is the product of choice of many soil scientists and agronomists in the business of assisting farmers with variable rate application decisions on their farms.


Fairport first produced FarmStar in 1997 after being involved in possibly Australia's first yield mapping exercise at a farm near Corrigin, Western Australia. In 1998 FarmStar was only one of 2 software packages producing yield maps globally and the only program producing interpolated images of spatially variable data.

During the late 1990's we worked closely with Australian based precision agriculture companies, such as Precision Farming Australia, Farmscan, Rinex and KEE to co-design and develop variable rate (and other) data exchange formats. We also worked closely with the Senwes team in South Africa under Dr. Fourie and then Christo Helm. These forward thinking people were pioneers of precision agriculture in South Africa, especially in the field of variable rate fertilizer application. Senwes were our South African software distributors for many years.

FarmStar was totally re-written during 2000 - 2001 and another rewrite commenced in 2006 ... which resulted in today's "PDP" module that is now capable of being plugged into any of our PAM software systems .. from PAM standalone systems to PAM Enterprise and PAM SaaS (Software as a Service).

With the new PDP system we introduced new methods of imaging spatially variable data, including "Kriging" and an extra fast (proprietory) method we call "Fairport Optimized"

One of the main benefits of PDP is it's ability to read data from the majority of today's precision farming on-board-devices and to also produce variable rate recipe files for them as well. Fairport has agreements (for cooperation in the exchanging of data) with many of the manufacturers of the on board devices used in today's equipment.

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Below are some screen shots from PDP...

Create very sophisticated raster images of spatially variable data, such as yield data collected from a yield monitoring system aboard a harvester. The PDP data imaging system is very powerful and flexible... very user-configurable. PDP uses various methods for creating raster images including Ultra-Fast Kriging (specially designed for very sparse data) and a proprietory, extra fast "Optimized" method developed by Fairport

Automatically generate Contour Map Layers from the generated images of your spatially variable precision farming data (e.g. Yield Data, Soil Samples, EM Survey Data, Elevation Data)


- After generating an image from your precision farming data using the Kriging or the "Fairport Optimised" method, by simply clicking on the "Generate Contours" button PDP will produced a set of colour filled, closed polygons (as shown below). The Transparency Slider enables you to view through the contour polygons to underlying data images or any other raw data layers you might have for the paddock.

- These polygons can be used as management zones or VRT zones and can be saved as a layer of polygons to your farm mapping layers for any future use.

Create raster or vector (coloured circles or coloured lines) representations of soil test data, leaf test data and any other data you may record along with GPS coordinates. With vector representation you display data values and position them on the map at any angle and size.

Combine data sets to create averaged data over several years using the fully built-in option: "Processing Over Year..." As well the average yield, this can also create an image of the Maximum or Minimum Yields for each point (Square Metere .. or whatever you choose) for a series of years,

Interface with GPS hand held logging devices. This allows you to log areas (e.g. Areas of weeds) on the ground and transfer the information to your computer.

Display statistical analysis of data for whole paddocks or within smaller, digitised areas within paddocks.

Sub-Set Data to analyse special areas within paddocks. Confine yield and other images using the "Image Constraint" system.

Export your data as "CSV" for importing into Excel. Import "CSV" files from Excel.

Create "VRT" recipe maps for all commonly used Variable Rate Control systems (John Deere, Raven, AgLeader, Topcon/KEE, Farmscan, Rinex, Flexicontrol, SHP FIle Systems) for accurate seed, fertiliser and chemical applications.

Combine spatially variable data from more than one paddock (even an entire farm) and display it in raster or vector form.

Combine Yield Data from any yield monitoring system... meaning for example that if you have a Case harvester and a John Deere harvester and a Caterpillar equipped harvester in the same field, FarmStar can combine their data into a single data set for yield mapping.

Live GPS Mapping (FarmStar only). Moving Map display. Create Farm Maps (any maps) interactively. PAM+PDP users can also use FarmStar at no extra cost.