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PocketPAM2 Mobile Data Collection, in Georgian!

PocketPAM2 is the mobile data entry and   solution for PAM software. It runs effectively on any mobile device capable of running a web browser, such as 

Android Phone
Windows PC
Windows Tablet
Any box that can run a "Safari" or "Chrome" browser


Data synchronises with the base station via Wifi, mobile internet or USB.

PocketPAM2 Modules: Note that these vary depending on whether using PAM QA+, PAM for Horticulture, or PAM Ultravit.

Crop Diary

Covering manual tasks, machinery events, planting records, harvesting records, irrigation records, fertilizer applications, and a comprehensive spray diary records data entry system. Optionally track your inventory batch numbers, spray weather details. Use PAM tank mixes or create your own in PocketPAM2. Pull in Planned Events from PAM (or create plans in PocketPAM2) and convert them to Actual Events.


Do your data entry when you check the gauge.
Synchronises with PAM's rainfall system and includes the optional comprehensive weather system. Temperature, Humidity, Evaporation etc.
View rainfall and weather graphs!

GP Diary

Do away with the old notebook...
Synchronises with PAM's General Purpose Diary. Used for taking general (not paddock specific) notes linked to a date. Reminders can be added and associated with dates as can numeric data types and values. Reminders and Numeric Data types can be added on-the-go. Generate graphs of any numeric data!

Field Rex

Designed to be used by consultants to record in-the-field recommendations. The recommendations will appear as recommendations in the PAM program after syncing. Additional features include a facility to SMS or Email recommendations to clients and contractors.


Used for crop scouting. Crop Observations, Pest & Disease scouting and weed scouting records can be entered. A GPS reading can be taken along with the crop monitoring record. In conjunction with PAM Mapping, a layer of observation sites will be made for each scouting mission, if the GPS option is enabled. gpsScout can also be used to collect waypoints in the field. The layers of scouting points and waypoints can be uploaded to PAM Mapping.


Record Purchases of inventory (Add new consumables and pack sizes on the fly)
Record stock write-offs and write-ons. Record inventory storage location transfers

Stock Taker

The Stock Taker module is designed to be taken to your inventory storage locations to perform a physical stock take of consumables. PAM sends the current stock-on-hand data to PocetPAM2. You then record the actual (observed) stock onhand and PocketPAM2 sends the adjustment records back to PAM.

Time Keeper

Used for recording events, who did them, where, what they did and how long it took. On synchronizing the data back to PAM, employee hourly costs are added to the records.


We have set out to give you as much functionality in the Livestock Diary of PocketPAM2 as you have in PAM's Livestock Diary. With a few exceptions, this has been achieved. Use this module for recording livestock events: movements, veterinary treatments, supplementary feeding, shearing, branding, breeding, purchases, sales, births, deaths etc.

Pasture Scout

Pasture Scout is used to record the Feed on Offer or Pasture Cover and Pasture Growth Rates of your pasture paddocks. Pasture composition can also be recorded. Display graphs of Pasture Growth Rates, "Feed Wedges" & Total Pasture Cover


Layers: The Layer manager enables you to choose a layer from the PAM Mapping system and an additional layer. Typically you would either have your Paddock Layer loaded on your screen or an image (Yield Map, EM Map, etc) as your background layer and then overlaying that, a layer of either waypoints or perhaps a gpsScout layer of crop scouting locations. Waypoints can be collected using gpsScout.