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Livestock Services

Authoritative. Practical. Experienced. Commercial. The best livestock, the best feed and the best equipment in the world are useless without the expertise to make them all work together. We offer a comprehensive range of animal health, nutrition, breeding and marketing services, delivered by experienced veterinarians and animal scientists with sound commercial experience.

Our hierarchy of priorities with any livestock system is always:

  1. Control of disease
  2. Establishment of sound and cost effective nutrition programmes
  3. Efficient and cost effective reproduction systems
  4. Genetic improvement, including new breeds and artificial reproduction where appropriate

Using this logical sequence, we can convert inefficient production systems into profitable and environmentally sustainable systems. Typical services are:

Artificial reproduction services: artificial insemination, embryo flushing and freezing, embryo transfer of sheep, cattle, pigs and goats.

Nutrition services: assessment of current nutritional status and development of cost effective nutritional regimes for pigs, grazing and intensively fed beef and dairy cattle, sheep and goats.

Herd health services for pig nucleus, multiplier and commercial herds, beef breeding herds, dairy herds, sheep flocks and goat flocks, including disease control, nutritional management, breeding management and parasite control.

Design, construction, commissioning and operation of animal production facilities including piggeries, dairies and feedlots.

Design, construction, commissioning and operation of food processing plants including abattoirs, smallgoods works, milk processing plants, icecream and cheesemaking factories etc

Staff training in all areas of livestock production, including in livestock handling, preventive medicine, marketing, and quality assurance.

Comprehensive project management of livestock based businesses.

Feasibility studies and business planning for livestock based businesses.