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IrriMAX Irrigation Software

IrriMAX Software
Unlocking the secrets to soil water and salinity dynamics

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Soil water and salinity data from all of Sentek's monitoring solutions is viewed in our highly acclaimed IrriMAX software. The software is the interface to the end-user, and enables them to readily visualise the ever changing soil water dynamics and make instant and informed management decisions.

In a recent survey of IrriMAX users, more than 90% rated the software as being an important management tool.

IrriMAX is simple to use, providing ready information from multiple sites at a glance. However it also provides powerful functionality for the end user.

Key Features
  • Functional workspace showing graphic overview and fuel gauges of soil water status from multiple sites.

  • Simple graphics
  • Fast, simple and intuitive zooming and scrolling functions and tools
  • Display of individual depth levels or summed profile data

  • Definition of a crop's growth stages, allowing changeable management lines as the crop grows and root zone develops
  • Ability to insert comments anywhere on the graph
  • Multiple graph panes able to be viewed on the one screen, enabling comparison between sites, seasons or different data sets
  • Various graph type options, including line and bar graphs, and change bars showing changes in soil water status over a given time period
  • Simple importing of other key data sets relating to soil moisture and salinity data (e.g. rainfall, irrigation, ETo, leaf wetness, humidity, soil temperature, soil matric potential)
  • Simple option for email and backup of workspaces and graphs

  • Standard and Premium software licences, providing a powerful platform for standard users with a suite of advanced features as a premium option
  • "Webify" functionality, allowing loading of graphs and workspace onto a website for viewing on the internet
  • Reporting for advanced data analysis

  • Alerts for notification of "dry" or "wet" soil, key environmental conditions or system malfunction.

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