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INTA Greenhouse Climate Control

Health, Productivity and Profit. These factors in greenhouses depend on careful control of temperature, humidity, light and Carbon Dioxide levels.  Without Climate Control, every day of operations is filled with risk.

Protected Crops

The purpose of a greenhouse is to prolong the production period of a certain crop and protect it against the environmental impact of low temperatures, rain, wind and certain pests.

An efficient control system means productivity, health and profitability.

When faced with such an important investment as the construction of a greenhouse with the aim of optimizing the yield and quality of crops, in a steady and consistent way; the INTA  CDC Climate Control System is the indispensable element which will help us to rationally manage the environmental parameters in such a way that we will be able to obtain the maximum profit from our investment.

The incidence of diseases in a wet and warm environment in which an intensive crop is growing, softened by being under cover, can be quite higher than if it were in open air if we do not manage adequately the environmental parameters, humidity and temperature.
Therefore, besides developing adequate greenhouse for the crop and the location, it is necessary to have the environmental control system which can carry out the rational and efficient control of the environmental parameters.

The INTA CDC Climate Control System (CCS) is able to control the greenhouse in an intelligent and rational manner through the co-ordination of these climate parameters:

  • Heating (Primary, secondary, soil)
  • Ventilation (2 top vents, 2 side vents)
  • Screens (Thermal, shade, Black out)
  • Control of maximum and minimum humidity
  • Co2
  • Artificial light
  • Special programs, irrigation, fog and fumigation.

Each INTA CDC CCS computer is able to control up to 4 individual climate compartments, and we can connect the different equipment. A PC program is available for remote programming and data logging of the greenhouse climate parameters. Our interface is in Simplified Chinese or English, at your request.

Heating Control

The CCS offers an integrated control of up to three heating systems for each climate zone including a control of three way valves and circulation pumps, coordinating its performance in a rational way at the user criteria and disposing of as many as 8 time zones over the 24 hours of the day, to setup the desired temperature levels, taking as a reference fixed times or sunrise and sunset.

The primary and secondary heating systems can work simultaneously or in cascade, controlling the air temperature and the flow temperature. Moreover, we can introduce conditions relative to the outside air temperature, sun radiation level, accumulated sun energy and humidity. The reference of the outside air temperature, gives us the possibility to anticipate the change and adjusted, increasing the precision and saving energy.

The soil heating system offers a perfect control of the soil temperature and growing substrate.

Sun energy and temperature

The sun energy and the temperature are two essential parameters for the growth of the plants and must be coordinated in a rational way. When we have high sun radiation levels, we can increase the air temperature to obtain optimum growth. In case of high amounts of sun energy accumulation during the day, the CDC will increase the night air temperature to improve the plant growth.

Heating helps to control the maximum humidity level

When situations of high greenhouse humidity occurs the CCS computer has several ways of controlling this problem. First, ventilation can be used but in case this is not sufficient the computer can raise the minimum pipe temperature and in this way avoid condensation, plant stress and plant diseases.

A powerful and versatile ventilation control

The use of an efficient ventilation system can prevent situations of heat stress and plant diseases and this is why we have developed a very powerful ventilation control by the CCS climate computer, which can control up to 4 window systems divided into two top vents and two side vents, that open in the required order depending of the type of greenhouse, environmental parameters and the criteria set by you along the 8 time zones during the day. Of course, the direction and wind speed, air temperature and humidity level are the parameters which combined rationally gives us an efficient control of the ventilation system.

An efficient Alarm system which avoids damages to the crops and greenhouses.

The CCS contains all the necessary alarms to protect the greenhouse and the plants. The following alarms are also available, rain, wind speed and finally high and low humidity. The wind speed alarm is available with two control levels.

Screen control

Thermal screen allows you to protect your plants against low temperatures and at the same time save energy. Shade screens allow for the protection of the crop during excess radiation and high temperatures. The control of the screens is a totally integrated part of the CDC computer and is fully tied into the heating and ventilation control. The CDC program also allows for a gradual retraction of the screens in accordance with the light level inside the greenhouse, so necessary for our crops

All factors taken into account

With reference to either fixed time for day/night change-over or change over via the astronomical clock the CDC control is operated taking into account the solar radiation level outside and inside the greenhouse, greenhouse temperature as well as the temperature measured by the weather station and for outdoor screens the CDC is able to control them according to wind, rain and of course light level

Control of thermal screens

The control of thermal screens is based either on the fixed day/night change over or on the astronomical clock while at the same time taking into account the greenhouse temperature and the exterior climate.

Gradual retraction of shade screens

The control of shade screens is based on the exterior light level or in the interior temperature. However it is also possible to control the screens in accordance with the interior light level. The retraction of the screens can be operated in accordance to the desired light level and in this manner we can maintain a correct balance between temperature and light.

Control of exterior mounted screens.

As an example of the constant updating and development of the CDC climate computer, we have now introduced a control of exterior screens which takes into account important factors like rain, wind and light levels.

Control of blackout screens

For short day crops the CDC offers full control of black out screens with reference to either a fixed time change from day to night or alternatively by the use of an astronomical clock.

Retraction of screens in relation to climate parameters.

The automatic control of the screens is based on the settings made by the grower and the climate parameters such as maximum humidity, light levels as well as temperature in the greenhouse and in the exterior.

Humidity control

Being conscious of the importance of the humidity control in greenhouses to stimulate plant growth and to avoid physiological problems and diseases. We have developed the most complete humidity control system.

Several modes for controlling humidity

Up to 4 modes for controlling the humidity, %RH, delta X, delta T, Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD).

The VPD is becoming the most efficient reference point for humidity control. It is a precise reference for the plant stress level, thus its calculation takes into account the temperature and the humidity. We also have 8 different periods along the day in which we can set different levels.

Special program for pollination

A special climate program is available to help the pollination during the day period which we decide. This program consists in a low humidity period to make the pollen viable which can then be spread, after that, the optimum level of humidity will be reached.

Minimum humidity control

During the summer time, when we suffer very high temperatures, we can activate a humidification system which will avoid stress on the plants. It is a special program for controlling fog systems based on compressed air, cooling or any other kind of humidification system installed in your greenhouses.

The humidity control system makes it possible to maintain the humidity level with in an optimal range of plant growth, over the stress level and under the saturation level which aid in the development of diseases.

CO2 and artificial light control

Two very useful functions for some crops. We can obtain the desired CO2 level, and we can also control a lightning system which helps during the low light periods and elongates the day for the crops which need it.


Special Programs

Irrigation, nebulization and fumigation.

Some special programs have been developed at the request of our customers and optionally can complement our system to increase, if possible, its use. Several versions are available adapted to your needs.
In addition, to the powerful CCS system which has all the previously described functions and covers up to 4 compartments per equipment, we can offer a reduced version of the system through the “CCS Basic” which covers the needs of the less sophisticated greenhouses at a very competitive cost.

Climate control program for PC

It is the indispensable complement to help in the management of climate control in greenhouses. Especially when we have several compartments, but anyway, it gives very useful information and makes our communication with the computers to supervise and introduce the settings easier.

It has the capability to connect via telephone with other PCs located in our office or home and operate from them. We utilise either English, Russian or Georgian interfaces at the client's request, and fully support our software systems locally!

A network through which the data runs fast and efficiently

The CDC computers can be connected through a wire to make a network through which the data runs fast and precisely. This network is connected to a PC which is very resistant to interferences, and works at high speed without any problems

Industrial security transferred to the country

The communication network is based on an industrial standard which is to the growing world. It works at long distances, in noisy environments and at high speeds without any problems