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INTA Fertigation Systems

Precision. Timeliness. Cost-effectiveness. While labour may be cheap in Georgia, precise delivery of nutrients, when and where needed, to intensive greenhouse crops will never be matched by anything other than fertigation systems.


Fertigation is an expression referring to the application of fertilizers dissolved in the irrigation water, which is applied directly to the roots of the plants via a drip irrigation system.

Perfectly balanced nutrient solutions and pH control

Our system is based on the continued application of carefully and well balanced nutrient solutions which furthermore are adapted to the development stage of the plant and the time of the year. This system offers many advantages compared to the traditional form of applying solid fertilizers a few fixed times during the season. Without doubt, the continuous and perfectly prepared nutrient solutions at low concentrations offers a considerable improvement to commercially grown crops. Of equal importance is a correct control of the pH. The pH control of the irrigation solution is an important part of the nutrient uptake of the plants. It has been clearly demonstrated that a pH around 6 optimizes the application and absorption of fertilizers.

Our Fertigation Systems

To apply water and fertilizer with the precision and efficiency required by any crop in which we aim to get the maximum yield and quality, we need a complete and well conceived system, well designed and installed. The irrigation system must reach the technical and quality level required or otherwise the fertigation control system will be a useless instrument.

An irrigation head centre planned by YFN Georgia's engineering personnel always has a rational and practical lay-out as we base our work on so many years of “hands-on” experience working with irrigation professionals on a large number of installations in many different countries. Our experience spreads out to cover many different crops and kinds of installations. We know which details to pay special attention to.

Fertigation equipment designed and built with the utmost professionalism.

Through our relationship with one of Spain's best engineering companies, we are happy to offer fertigation mixers manufactured by INTA of Murcia, Spain. INTA have over twenty years experience in manufacture of these units and have thousands of units installed all over the world. Within the available models you will always find the equipment which can best be adapted to your needs. Compact and built with best components in the market. The hydraulic build-up of our equipment in a compact and sturdy structure and the use of first class components are the key elements to guarantee the optimum performance of our equipment in any circumstances. Thanks to the quality of our machines, maintenance and service is minimized, ensuring the maximum reliability.

Diverse dosing systems are available for fertilizer injection. We offer systems based on highly reliable magnetic pumps in combination with three way valves or alternatively a venturi injection with flow meter adjustment.

For medium and small flows we recommend the direct mixing system whereas for large flows the INTA By-Pass system is second to none.

Our technical staff is always available to advice you on what type of installation is the most adequate for your requirements. The widest range of possibilities to dosify the fertilizer is available.

  • Conductivity and pH.(The traditional way.)
  • Relative conductivity of the clear water; this is very useful when we have different sources of water.
  • Proportional to the irrigation flow. Liters of fertilizer per m3 of water.
  • It is the most intuitive and precise method.
  • Combining the conductivity mode for some fertilizer tanks and proportional mode for the rest.
  • We can apply fertilizers or chemicals which do not affect the conductivity with a very high precision.

INTA Allmix Mixer

Ideal for smaller nurseries or for large mono-crops the All-Mix fits perfectly into the range of products offered by YFN Georgia

This compact and robust machine comes with a very interesting price tag and thanks to the flexible menu and control, this product is an excellent alternative to simple and less sophisticated injectors.

The All-Mix offers control of up to 5 nutrient solutions placed into 8 irrigation regimes and the 16 outputs are available for control of pumps, solenoid valves and alarms.


INTA CDN Fertigation Machines

As the top of the range model the CDN is capable of controlling the injection from up to 8 fertilizer stock tanks and furthermore organize the control of the fertigation into 10 completely independent irrigation groups.

Starting from a standard control of 16 valves the CDN can, thanks to a unique and flexible valve control system, control up to a total of 250 solenoid valves. With a CDN you are always able to expand your operation thanks to the module structure of the equipment.