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Robust, Well-Engineered and Technically Advanced. We have a full range of advanced greenhouses, manufactured to exacting standards in China to our specifications, which find a ready market in South-East Asia, Europe and Australia.

Polycarbonate Sheet and Glass Greenhouses

  • Body: Hot-Dipped Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Cladding Material: Polycarbonate Sheet, glass
  • Features: Robust Construction, ideal thermal preservation properties, low operation cost in winter, large lighting area, uniform light throughout greenhouse, proper light transmission, balanced thermal preservation in winter and cooling/humidity control in summer.
  • Lifetime: Greenhouse Frame over 20 years

Model Ridge Type Span Section Size Gutter Height Ridge Height
YFGH80D4 Large Ridge 9.0 m 4.0 m 3.5 m 5.3 m
YFGH100D4 Large Ridge 10.0 m 4.0 m 3.5 m 6.1 m
YFGH80S4 Double Ridges 8.0 m 4.0 m 4.0 m 5.1 m
YFGH96Ss4 Triple Ridges 9.6 m 4.0 m 4.0 m 5.0 m
YFGH108Ss4 Triple Ridges 10.8 m 4.0 m 4.0 m 5.0 m
YFGH80R4 Arch Ridge 8.0 m 4.0 m 8.5 m 5.5m