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FarmscanAg Variguide (AgGuideV4+ Variable Rate Control)

Variable Rate Control works seemlesly with all AgGuide v4 add ons to provide simultaneous control and monitoring of seed, fertiliser & spray application.
VRC allows control of up to 8 product-metering systems in any combination of electric drive, hydraulic drive, linear actuator control or liquid and anhydrous flow controls.

Target rates are displayed 'live' on screen and can be adjusted manually up or down in preset steps by the operator or varied automatically on-the-run when using a prescription rate map.

Product drives can also be switched ON or OFF at anytime from the cab terminal or a separate Master switch panel.

Features Include :

Store and recall product calibrations
Prime start to avoid gaps
Manual or map based rate control
Automatic headland shutoff
Monitoring of bin levels, shafts, fans, air pressures & product flows
Audible warnings on all functions
Summary record of products used
Ability to produce 'as applied' maps