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FarmscanAG Simple Spray Controllers

This range of simple spray controllers for single, triple and five sections are durable and well engineered.

The 22C6 liquid controller provides ground speed related control of liquid products being delivered at low volume through a single boom or liquid distribution system.

The controller will automatically maintain the selected target spray rate regardless of speed or pressure variations within the limits of pump capacity and nozzle/orifice size.

The system employs a low volume flowsensor and stainless steel ball control valve to throttle the main delivery line. A pressure sensor provides live feedback of the operating pressure and has an alarm function to warn of sudden pressure loss if a hose becomes disconnected.

The control valve opens automatically when the vehicle starts moving and closes when you stop or turn the MASTER switch off.

With the master valve in place it allows for instant stop/start control of spray when turning at headlands.

The 22C6 provides a "DUMP" function, which allows flushing of the spraylines when stationary. Rates can be increased or decreased on-the-run in preset steps using the UP/DOWN keys or rates can be changed under GPS control when the controller is connected via the serial port to a guidance System or another computer-based product with GPS rate mapping and controlling software.

The 22C6 also keeps a TOTAL of areas covered and volume applied, plus TRIP records for up to 10 sub areas.


Dual display of product rate and ground speed.
Totals for area, distance and volume applied
10 Trip memory of field areas and volume applied
Work in metric or imperial.
Adjust rates UP/DOWN in preset steps.
Low tank alarm based on volume applied.
Pressure Sensor to warn of broken delivery line.
Auto shutoff at zero speed


Flexibility in the field
Up and down hills or through boggy conditions, the spray controller 24V1 compensates for changes in speed, pump pressure or section shutdown to maintain the target rate you select.
For heavy and light weed patches, you can increase or decrease rates on-the-go and a master switch gives instant stop/start control at headlands or when refilling.
The left/right foam marker switch is available to control air/liquid solenoid valves.


Selectable display formats
Status lights
Message Bar
Calibration lockout
Slow hold
Second Spray Line *
Multistep Control *