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Cattle and Sheep Genetics

In the Caucasus, milk trades at well above world price due to reliance on imports of milk powder. Consumption of sheep meat and beef in the Caspian region is growing steadily and prices are well above that seen in Australasia or the Americas. Rising incomes across the continent see demand trending upwards year by year. Yet production efficiency in most of the region lags the West by 50 years. Part of this is due to lack of access to superior animal genetics. Part of this is due to inappropriate use of superior genetics. We are here to provide you with the world’s best genetics, and to show you how to use it.

Live Cattle

We can supply consignments of commercial dairy heifers for customers throughout the region, as well as after-sales support during the “settling-in” period. The most popular breed is the Friesian, with consignments of Jerseys, Australian Illawarra Shorthorn or Australian Friesian Sahiwal preferred by other customers.

We also supply stud stock to beef and dairy operators, stud farms and AI centres, supplying first class heifers and bulls as foundation stock or to upgrade existing stud herds.

Cattle Semen and Embryos

We sell a wide variety of frozen semen and frozen embryos from superior genetics sources in Australia and New Zealand. Our products are sourced from bluetongue-free regions, allowing them to be sold to China and other regions. Our biggest selling lines are Red Angus, Black Angus and Friesian. Of particular interest are some unique Australian breeds, including:


This Australian dairy breed, derived from Jersey, Kerri Dexter, Friesian, Shorthorn and Ayrshire bloodlines, is well known for its easy-care nature, high productivity and longevity. Many cows produce in excess of 40 liters per day and 300 day lactations over 10,000 liters are not uncommon. Because of its moderate fat, high protein milk yield the breed is in an excellent position to take advantage of the growing world demand for protein. Illawarra cows thrive on a pasture based feeding system and are usually not housed at any time of the year. Consequently they have adapted well in countries extending from the Tropics to North America. Great tractability makes these cattle ideal for smallholders and medium sized enterprises.

Breeders seeking hybrid vigour while maintaining high milk production frequently use this to cross with Friesians, resulting in hardy, productive F1 commercial females.

Murray Grey

Australian beef breed, derived from stabilized Black Angus and Beef Shorthorn Cross. Naturally polled, easy calving, mid-frame size, productive under harsh grazing conditions and producing outstanding marbled beef under feedlot conditions.

Belmont Red

Subtropical Australian beef breed, derived from East African Bos Taurus breeds. Resilient and fertile under harsh subtropical grazing conditions, the breed is known for its superior beef quality compared to Bos indicus infused breeds. This breed more than any other in Australia have capitalized on advanced genetic analysis to continually improve the quality of the genetics on offer.


Tropical and subtropical Australian beef breed, resilient in harsh conditions, resistant to parasites and disease, and highly productive under both grazing and feedlot conditions.  Superior in fertility to most other Bos Indicus infused breeds.


Pakistani dual purpose breed, used as a sire for Friesian/Sahiwal composites for dairying in hot tropical environments. Extremely docile and highly productive, resistant to heat, ticks, disease and parasites.



We can supply commercial hoggets and ewes in large numbers for customers seeking to capitalise on Australia’s fine genetics and excellent disease-free status. We also can supply studstock for AI centres and commercial studs.

Sheep Semen and Embryos

We stock a wide range of sheep semen and embryos from Australia and New Zealand. In particular:

Border Leicester

The foundation of Australia’s booming prime lamb industry. Highly fertile, rapid growth rates, good fertility and mothering ability and superior carcase traits make this breed an essential component of a well developed prime lamb composite programme. Australian Border Leicesters are significantly better adapted to harsh grazing conditions than their British counterparts.


South African hair sheep breed, resistant to fly strike and low maintenance. Produces lean, tender lamb, very highly fertile and suitable for temperate and subtropical conditions.

East Friesian

European derived milking sheep. Highly fertile and producing large volumes of creamy, low lactose milk each lactation, made into sheep cheese used in Italian and Middle Eastern cuisine.



Now that exports of Australian Merino genetics are free of restrictions, overseas clients wishing to upgrade wool quality in their flocks while maintaining good carcase characteristics may draw upon the resources offered by this breed. We offer semen from South Australian and Peppin bloodlines, suited to Georgia's harsh climate and adapted to walking hundreds of kilometres. We can also export hoggets and rams to Georgia.