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Despite the economic turmoil that has ensnared the region since 2015, some things always will be needed. The need for wholesome, safe food products, produced efficiently and  reliably.  The need for farming methods that are environmentally sustainable for decades to come. The need to use water in agriculture rationally and efficiently. The need for farmers to access relevant modern technologies to improve their livelihoods. The need for financial services that allow farmers to access such technologies.

Our group has been in the forefront of addressing these needs since 1997 in Indonesia and the Philippines, since 2002 in China and since 2010 in Georgia. The unique structures of the farming industries of these countries provide great challenges, and likewise great opportunities for us to address new markets profitably while helping companies, cooperatives and smallholders to improve their profitability.

Georgia's impending free trade agreement with China provide both threats and opportunities for local producers and processors of food and beverages. To remain competitive, producers will have to adapt the latest technology to local conditions and operate it with high levels of efficiency. We are the natural choice for implementing these programmes.

We look forward to working with you, be you operating a large corporation, a government agency or a small farm, to improve your technical capability, your financial efficiency and your sustainability. We hope always to remain Your Natural Choice in Agribusiness.

Dr Simon E F Appleby B.V.Sc., M.V.St.

General Director's Profile:

An experienced agricultural veterinarian from Australia, Dr Appleby has over 20 years experience in commercial agribusiness in developing countries. Having worked in senior roles in Japanese owned agribusinesses in Australia, he established consultancy and farming operations in Indonesia and the Philippines in the mid 1990's. He then established manufacturing, project engineering and distribution companies in China from 2002. He established a project engineering subsidiary in Georgia in 2010 and an agritourism resoort development company in Georgia in 2015..