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Company profile

YFN Georgia LLC is the Caucasus-based sister company of Hong Kong based agribusiness group Yu Feng Nong Holdings Limited. The Group has been engaged in agribusiness consultancy, project engineering and product distribution since 1997, in both the livestock and horticulture sectors.

YFN Georgia LLC was incorporated in 2010 after two years of careful evaluation of the local marketplace. After initial consulting operations for corporate agribusiness clients in the Caucasus, the company secured distribution rights for a range of agricultural products in the Caucasus market and commenced distribution and post-sales service activities.

The company is now providing farm management software solutions throghout the South Caucasus, is providing farm management services throughout the region, and has recently established a new joint-venture company with a US investor, Kartlos Group, to develop agritourism resorts in Georgia, the South Caucasus and Ukraine.