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YFN Natural Fibre and Garment

Our fibre division is engaged in implementing modern mobile shearing techniques in Georgia, to improve the cleanliness and consistency of Georgian wool. We have solid relationships with the best wool scours and carbonising plants, spinning mills, weaving mills and finishing mills in the UK, Spain and Italy for production of bespoke textiles made from Georgian wool, linen and flax.

We also are working to introduce Collinsville Merino bloodlines into Georgia, to develop a small but tightly focussed pasture-to-atelier integrated business, building on the unique mythology of Jason's Golden Fleece, the subject of an epic quest over 2500 years ago. Suits, skirts and jackets tailored in Europe from single-property wool bales sourced from our own properties provide an unparalleled sense of place and terroir to the wearer of the luxurious fabric produced from Georgia's green and ancient hills.