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Georgia is a small country with mild climate, excellent soil, abundant water resources and well-educated people. Located on the eastern aspect of the Black Sea, it is located close to the EU and has a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement with Europe. Concessional trade access to US and Japanese markets under GSP is also a boon, and a Free Trade Agreement with the People's Republic of China is likely to be agreed in 2017. A free-trade agreement and close proximity to regional powerhouse Turkey is a great advantage also. Close proximity to the fast growing, oil-rich Caspian regionis an important strategic strength.

Perplexingly, Georgia imports a great deal of its food, and exports rather little. We aim to address this situation with vigour, in a market-driven initiative to derive sustainable profits from import replacement and exports.

We import cattle, sheep, semen and embryos from Australia and can develop AI and ET programmes in Georgia. We are engaged in a wide range of farm engineering and design-build service for livestock producers across the region.