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YFN Horticulture

Our horticulture subsidiary is our busiest division.

We have a range of centre pivot, Hippodrome and lateral move irrigation equipment designed for us in the EU by the best inventors in the industry. These units are in use throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, and have proven themselves as cost-effective, reliable, easy to operate and robust.

We also act as a distributor for INTA fertigation mixers for field crops, to be used in conjunction with our irrigators and maintain a solid service network for these machines. We sell Sentek Soil Moisture Probes and IRRIMAX decision support software to help irrigators make rational and cost-effective irrigation choices. We also sell very rugged and efficient filters, generators and pumps from Europe.

We distribute advanced crop nutrition, soil amendment and biopesticide products in Georgia from American biotechnology company Humagro, which sells products throughout the Americas, EU, China and Turkey.

We provide a full range of post-sales maintenance and repairs, and a two year warrantee on all major equipment sold.

We now offer the first Georgian-language tractor guidance systems and precision agriculture hardware, manufactured in Australia by FarmscanAg and in use throughout the world. 

We also offer the first Georgian language farm management software, PAM, which is specifically designed to facilitate compliance with GlobalGAP and HACCP, demanded by many importers and manufacturers of food. Base-station, Cloud-based applications and mobile versions of the software are available.