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Yu Feng Nong: Your Natural Choice

Wholesome, fresh, safe, consistent. What once were considered desirable features in food by consumers are now mandatory. A food producer’s hard work alone is no longer enough to satisfy customers; mastery of technology, well-trained managers, well-chosen inputs and rigourous food safety discipline are now vital for food producers to compete and thrive in local and global marketplaces.

We are the South Caucasus' premier agribusiness technology group, providing innovative technology solutions to food and agriculture businesses throughout the region. 

From planning and preparation, to design and construction of facilities, commissioning of farms and food processing factories and ongoing technical support, or supply of your ongoing livestock genetics, seed, equipment or chemical needs, we are your natural choice in the South Caucasus’s fast growing food industry.

We are not just traders or consultants; we provide comprehensive post-sales support for all our products and aim to develop in-depth partnerships with our customers.

Our staff have decades of experience in commercial farm management, post-harvest management, food processing and cold storage management. While drawing upon the latest international research, and utilizing our research linkages with four international universities and twelve international veterinary and horticulture research institutes, we are primarily commercial and all of us have industrial backgrounds.

We stand ready to work alongside you, to make your food and agriculture business all it can be. Yu Feng Nong; Your Natural Choice.